Villaggio Punta Spalmatore Ustica

Beaches and Marine Reserve of Ustica

Even in the presence of a coast predominantly rocky, Ustica has beautiful small beaches.

The Hotel Village Punta Spalmatore is the only structure that has a direct access to the sea, in the homonym beach, equipped with sun beds and parasols to rent on site. Below the Village, toward the Saracen Tower, there is also a small pier, said top Pier, perfect for sunbathing but also for fun dives.

Not too far, under the Lighthouse, there is the very nice Cove Gavazzi (with a platform in cement) because the rocks form a natural pool in which you can observe the pool floor without to dive the head, thanks to the exceptional transparency of the water. In these waters you can dive to a depth of between 9 and 24 m, perhaps following the archaeological itinerary submerged reported and illustrated by submerged tables.

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Particularly suitable for children and the beach of Cove Santa Maria, a large natural bay which is located under the country and near to the harbor. Starting from this cove, only 300 m and you will arrive at the splendid Blue Cave, which is characterized by secular stalagmites that form a sort of pyramid; along the path, there are ruins of a Roman shipwreck and numerous fragments of ancient amphorae.

Cala Sidoti, black volcanic sand, and suitable for children: it is located in the A-zone – integral reserve – the Marine Reserve that surrounds the whole Island of Ustica. The area A is the most protected area of the Marine Reserve: here is absolutely forbidden the navigation, mooring and even the rest of the type of boat; and fishing is prohibited any action that distroy or alters the natural characteristics of the surrounding.

Other caves on the island are: Gold Cave , Pastizza, Cave of boats, Green Cove and Cave of the thunder.

Two areas to the coast of Ustica are particularly perfect for diving: island of Medico, where you are immersed among groupers, barracuda, and the Cave of the Colombara, also rich of fish, shrimp and lobster.


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