Villaggio Punta Spalmatore Ustica

Not just sea to Ustica

Archaeological and naturalistic Path for trekking

If you love nature you’ll certainly be enchanted by the beauty of Ustica, the “Black Pearl of the Mediterranean”. For a 360° panoramic view of the island the ideal is to reach the central area, where stands the Mount Guard of the Turks, mouth of an ancient volcano, now extinct.

Not far away is the Fortress of the Falconiera: a necropolis characterized by hypogean tombs paleo-christian that, for its wide views of the sea, was chosen in bourbon age to erect a fort.

About settlement remain traces of floors and the cisterns dug into the rock used for the supply of water. During the investigations bronze utensils, mosaics, coins, ceramics dating back to between the III century BC and the first century B.C. were unearthed .

In 1735, Charles III of Bourbon was crowned in the Cathedral of “Palermo” and the constitution of the new monarchy freeing from the condition of viceroyalty Sicily. It was during the Bourbon Kingdom that the construction of the two towers of the Spalmatore, Cala Santa and the fortress of the Falconiera was made.

Another fascinating archaeological site open to the sky and the so-called Village of the Faraglioni.

Archaeological investigations carried out at this site have highlighted the importance of the fortified settlement as a point of reference for the prehistoric routes. The floorplan that was obtained from archaeological survey, with squared or rounded huts, often closed in fencing, with main and secondary roads, represents an organic masterplan.

In addition to archeological paths there are many nature trails that extend over the whole surface of the island, between rows of vines, olive groves and citrus orchards, plants of capers, lentils and the inevitable prickly pears and numerous species of birds.

In 1997 the Natural Terrestrial Reserve oriented to preserve the special natural environment was established. Today, thanks to this, there is the possibility to live in a terrestrial paradise preserved from the damage of man and the mismanagement of the territory and for those more adventurous, to move between the paths of the island can also be done on a back of donkey!

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