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Ustica island

Ustica is a small island about 67 km north from the coast of Palermo and about a hundred miles to the west of Aeolian, with a total area of just 8.6 square km, a circuit of 12 km, a maximum height of 248 m at the Mount Guard of the Turks.

The usticesi residents are approximately 1320, concentrated in a single town that has the same name as the island, located in the south-eastern part, close to the main landing: Cala S. Mary.

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In ranking 2015 of the 10 most beautiful islands of Italy Ustica was ranked 4TH place! Ustica is also the queen of the savings between the Italian islands: one more reason to choose this beautiful island as a destination for your summer holiday, maybe choose specifically precisely the Hotel Village Punta Spalmatore.

This small island represents the sum of many specificity which cohabit harmoniously together, in a symbiosis that melts evocative landscape and testimonies in art, history, culture and civilization. We are in front of the triumph of diversity: here each flap really kissed by the typicality. Speech that is worth as much for its underwater world that captivates and enchants, but rather because of its volcanic land that feeds the characteristic lentil (slow food), eggplants, the sweet tomatoes and the rods of oleaster from which the devil forgemasters usticesi create the artistic baskets and the lovely pots.

For sure just the climate is not sufficient the sun, the sea, nature, the grove, landscapes, sunsets and the flavors to represent the soul of the island, but it is their fusion that makes it magical.

Ustica was already well known in the ancient world with the name of Ustum (by the dark color of the volcanic land). For Pliny there are two islands on the north-western coast of Sicily: Ustum and Osteodes. For the geographer Tolomeo, Ustum was an island inhabited, while Osteodes a geographical reference. The error of Plinio and Tolomeo could be justified by the fact that, from afar, because of the cleft between the two major elevation , Ustica appears as two little adjacent island. For the greek Diodorus Siculus, Ustica was called Osteodes because of the remains of mutinous soldiers, who were deported by the Carthaginians, who found on the island the death. Scientis, following the various testimonies, share the idea that the two names refer to the same island.

In 1960 in Ustica the International Review of scuba diving activities was born, thanks to which in 1984 the International Academy of Sciences and Techniques underwater was founded.

Thanks also to these premises, in 1986 in Ustica the first Marine Protected Area in Italy that extends to 15.000 hectares to protect and manage the marine paradise and the territory attached to it was established.

Discover with us the most beautiful bays, beaches and areas for scuba diving.

But Ustica is not only sea, in Ustica in 1997 also the Reserve Natural Terrestrial oriented to preserve the special natural environment was set up.

Discover with us the nature trails and archaeologica waythat Ustica offers you.

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